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  1. How do I start a game?
  2. To start a game with any available player, you can request a game in the waiting room. Click "Settings" on your home page and find the section labeled "Games to post in waiting room". Check the box next to the type(s) of game you want to play, then click Submit. Twice a day, the system will go through these requests, pair off the players, and start games between each pair.

    If you want to invite a specific player to a game, click "Start new game" on your home page and choose an opponent and game type. Then click "Send invitation" and the invitation will be sent.

  3. How do I see my invitations?
  4. New invitations will appear on your home page. Click "Accept" or "Reject" to answer them.

  5. How do I make a move?
  6. Click the piece you want to move, then click the square you want to move it to. Alternatively, you can drag the piece onto the square you want it on. (This does not work perfectly yet, and it probably won't work if you are using a mobile device.)

    Whichever way you make your move, you must click "Confirm" after you have made it. If you've messed up, click "Take back move" and you can make another move instead.

  7. How do I know when it is my turn to move?
  8. On your home page, the games in which it is your turn are highlighted in yellow.

    On a game page, the page will tell you when it is your turn. If it is not your turn, it will not say anything. Additionally, the player to move will have their name in red.

    If you do not want to check the site constantly to see when it is your turn, you can enable e-mail notifications from the Settings page. We highly recommend that you turn these on!

  9. How do I resign or ask my opponent for a draw?
  10. To resign, click the link that appears above the game board. You will be asked to make sure you want to resign by typing YES.

    To ask your opponent to declare the game a draw, click the checkbox labeled "offer draw" that appears after you make a move. When you confirm your move, your opponent will see a message asking them to accept the draw offer.

    If you are playing chess and you want to claim a draw by threefold repetition or the fifty-move rule, it is not necessary to ask your opponent about it; you can send an e-mail to games AT explaining why the game should be declared a draw. Include your username and the game number.

  11. What games are available on the site?
  12. We currently offer seven games:

    The pie rule is used in Hex and Twixt. When you are the second player in a Hex or Twixt game and you are making your first move, a "swap" link appears beneath the board. To perform a swap, click that link.

  13. How can I view other people's games?
  14. You can view other active games here. A list of all games on the site (active and finished) is available here.

Last modified: January 24, 2017

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